Project "Preparing youth for further education and labour market transition after compulsory school"

The project JOV16-19 is the continuation of two previous projects which analyzed the training and labor pathways of young people, with special emphasis on young people who do not finish compulsory school and young people flowing through the upper secondary education without reaching the university, such as young people engaged in vocational training pathways. This project aims to analyze these pathways in a new social and economic context entirely new, and very adverse to the social and occupational insertion of young people, particularly early school leavers and young people without any diploma of upper secondary education, two target groups on the European agenda of social cohesion. Regarding the previous projects, has two important innovations. The first is methodological, aims to bring a panel study of a sample of 16 year old young people in the city of Barcelona, the first wave when they are in the last grade of compulsory school, and the second wave a year later to analyze expectations, constraints and choices of young people and the potential impact of changes in guidance devices and practices of schools. The second is that the project is part of an international research with the participation of 11 countries that aims to compare the pathways of training and labor insertion of young people. 

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