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From the experience of previous years, in the next five years we intend to focus on research on college students in the context of change taking place after joining the European Higher Education Area. Through the students we can know: how European reform develops, how accomplishs its goals, what difficulties are presented in each degrees and universities, how the teaching-learning process works, which results get the studentsand how they insert into the labor market. Our group has developed a very precise theoretical framework and an analytical model line that has been applied in three theses, one of which is already deposited at the Department of Sociology.

During 2008-2010 we have obtained fundings from the Ministry of Universities and Innovation to continue research in this direction, -  R & D project "Students above the new university reform" - following the previous experiences and contributions of research projects and thesis. This research are being done with the collaboration of teachers from the Department of Applied Education and the UAB Department of Sociology at UB. For the end of the second year we will decide how to continue with this research, from the results that we will obtain and from the dynamic of process.

On the same theme we are still in contact with Mendes France University of Grenoble, the University of Constance, and other European universities as part of the Federation of European Regions for Research in Education and Training (FREREF) to perform a new comparative survey on students with the support of AQU Catalonia, as we did in previous years.

We are also planning a stay at Oxford University, during the next five years, which already have established an ongoing relationship as GRET, to contrast thier research in the same field.

 Tenim programada una estada a la universitat d’Oxford, durant el proper quinqueni, amb la qual ja tenim establerta una relació permanent com a GRET, per contrastar la nostra recerca amb la seva en el mateix camp.


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