Youth and School-Work Transition

We examine the results of research on the transition from youth to adulthood from a systemic and comparative perspective, based on:

  1. The analysis of educational and training policies and the consequences of the extension of compulsory education on the processes of building itineraries of young people and on the drop out of school. 

  2. The study of the relationship between education and employment transitions in terms of pre-university young people and the processes of social inclusion and exclusion, according to research, School - Work and Social Inclusion of Young people, which began in 2007.

It is also interesting for the team: a) Introduce the fundamental and applied research in the process of building social policies in order to stablish bridges between social research and eduaction and work policy and between the public institutions in specific urban areas . b) Consider longitudinal methodology as the most appropriate one for understanding the processes of education and work of young people, and to understand the articulation of social policies to combat educational social and labour exclusion, .

For the next five years is forecast to end R+D project  (2010) on social inclusion of youth and the transition from school to work which will give us a global framework. From a standpoint of continuous research, we expect to develop two more specific areas: absenteeism and early school drop out.

Realted Publications

Project "Preparing youth for further education and labour market transition after compulsory school"
Project R+D+i "School - Work and Social Inclusion of Young people"

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