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Journal Article
G. Piga, Brunetti, A., Lasio, B., Stefano Enzo,, i Malgosa, A., « XRF investigation on skeletal remains from King Peter III of Aragon (1239–1285 A.D.) and Queen Blanche of Anjou (1280–1310 A.D.)», Applied Physics, 2014.
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S. Scheirs, Malgosa, A., i Galtés, I., « The use of ultraviolet light to reveal and enhance burned areas on human bone», Forensic Science Medicine and Pathology, 2015.
G. Piga, Thompson, T. J. U., Malgosa, A., Guirguis, M., i Stefano Enzo, « A Unique Case of Prone Position in the Primary Cremation Tomb 252 of Monte Sirai Necropolis (Carbonia, Sardinia, Italy)», International Journal of Osteoarchaeology, 2015.
N. Armentano, Malgosa, A., Martínez, B., Abelló, P., de Juan-Delago, M., Prats-Muñoz, G., i Isidro, A., «Unilateral Cholesteatoma in the First Millennium BC», Otology & neurotology, 2013.
G. Piga, Gonçalves, D., Thompson, T. J. U., Brunetti, A., Malgosa, A., i Stefano Enzo, « Understanding the Crystallinity Indices Behavior of Burned Bones and Teeth by ATR-IR and XRD in the Presence of Bioapatite Mixed with Other Phosphate and Carbonate Phases», International Journal of Spectroscopy, 2016.
N. Armentano, Malgosa, A., i Isidro, A., «Tumors in recent Prehistory. Contributions from Cova des Pas (Menorca Island) Cancers à la préhistoire récente. Ce que nous dit le site de Cova des Pas (île de Majorque)», Gynécologie Obstétrique & Fertilité, 2016.
M. González-Ruiz, Santos, C., Jordana, X., Simón, M., Lalueza-Fox, C., Gigli, E., Aluja, M. Pilar, i Malgosa, A., «Tracing the Origin of the East-West Population Admixture in the Altai Region (Central Asia)», Plos ONE, 2012.
A. Gutiérrez, Nociarová, D., Malgosa, A., i Armentano, N., «Taphos-m, a Taphonomical Research using Sus scrofa domestica Model in an Experimental Facility», Archaeological and Environmental Forensic Science, 2017.
E. Fiorin, Ibáñez-Gimeno, P., Cadafalch, J., i Malgosa, A., «The study of dental occlusion in ancient skeletal remains from Mallorca (Spain). A new approach based on dental clinical practice», Journal of Comparative Human Biology, 2017.
E. Fiorin, Cadafalch, J., Ceperuelo, D., Adserias, M. Jose, Chimenos-Küstner, E., i Malgosa, A., « Study of dental occlusion in ancient human remains: A methodological approach», Collegium antropologicum, 2014.
G. Piga, Baró, M. Dolors, Escobal, I. Golvano, Gonçalves, D., Makhoul, C., Amarante, A., Malgosa, A., Stefano Enzo,, i Garroni, S., « A structural approach in the study of bones: fossil and burnt bones at nanosize scale», Applied Physics, 2016.
E. Saldías, Malgosa, A., Jordana, X., i Isidro, A., «Sex estimation from the navicular bone in Spanish contemporary skeletal collections», Forensic Science International, 2016.


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