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Journal Article
C. Nacarino-Meneses, Jordana, X., i Köhler, M., «Histological variability in the limb bonesof the Asiatic wild ass and its significancefor life history inferences», PeerJ, 2016.
B. Moncunill-Solé, Jordana, X., i Köhler, M., «How common is gigantism in insular fossil shrews? Examining the ‘Island Rule’ in soricids (Mammalia: Soricomorpha) from Mediterranean Islands using new body mass estimation models», Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 2016.
B. Moncunill-Solé, Jordana, X., Marín-Moratalla, N., Moya-Sola, S., i Köhler, M., «How large are the extinct giant insular rodents? New body mass estimations from teeth and bones», Integrative Zoology, 2014.
X. Jordana, Marín-Moratalla, N., Moncunill-Solé, B., Nacarino-Meneses, C., i Köhler, M., «Ontogenetic changes in the histological features of zonal bone tissue of ruminants: A quantitative approach», Comptes Rendus Palevol , 2015.
X. Jordana, de Miguel, D., i Köhler, M., «On the relationship between hypsodonty and longevity in Myotragus balearicus. A comment on van der Geer (2014)», Integrative Zoology, 2014.
E. Saldías, Malgosa, A., Jordana, X., i Isidro, A., «Sex estimation from the navicular bone in Spanish contemporary skeletal collections», Forensic Science International, 2016.
M. González-Ruiz, Santos, C., Jordana, X., Simón, M., Lalueza-Fox, C., Gigli, E., Aluja, M. Pilar, i Malgosa, A., «Tracing the Origin of the East-West Population Admixture in the Altai Region (Central Asia)», Plos ONE, 2012.
B. Moncunill-Solé, Quintana, J., Jordana, X., Engelbrektsson, P., i Köhler, M., «The weight of fossil leporids and ochotonids: Body mass estimation models for the order Lagomorpha», Journal of Zoology, 2015.


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