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GROB (Group of Investigation in osteobiography) is a professional investigation group which started in the 90’s. Our labor is mainly focused on the reconstruction of ancient populations. In this sense, we study the human remains since the Neolithic until our days. In the last years, we also developed an investigative line in the forensic anthropology.

Some of our studies are related to international investigations, in archaeological deposits localized, for instance, in Mongolia or Mexico. In our country, GROB has participated in projects as La Senyora de les Muntanyes (Lerida) and in the study of Princep de Viana (Poblet). Recently we were members of the interdisciplinary study of the real tombs of the Monasterio de Santes Creus, elaborating the anthropology analysis of people as Pere II el Grande, Blanca d’Anjou or Roger de Lluria.




Our group is composed by senior and in training investigators,  belonging to different science fields and focused on the anthropological study of the antiquity, as:



Art Experts


Family doctors





We study ancient human remains, skeletized or in a good preservation state, from different points of view, to get as much information as possible. In this sense, we elaborate paleodemographic and genetic studies, useful to understand the individual and population identities; and studies of morphological characterization to make the correct description. Through to the paleodiet analysis and paleonutrition, as the activity marks studies, we can rebuild their lifestyle, and by means of paleopathological analysis we can know which trauma and diseases had the individuals and their probably cause of death. Complementary, with the goal to describe every one of the factors that damage the bones and the type of burials, we make a taphonomic analysis in situ as well as in our institution. 







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