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Project results


Scientific publications

Linares, Francisco (2021): "Simulación, redes de amistad juvenil y la resiliencia de la homofilia: estudio de caso mediante un experimento computacional". Revista Española de Investigaciones Sociológicas (REIS). Forthcoming. JCR: 0.953. Q3 (Sociology).

Tena-Sánchez, Jordi & Centellas, Indira (2021): “¿Qué es el arte y qué constituye el valor artístico?”, Pensamiento. Revista de Investigación e Información Filosófica. Forthcoming. Arts & Humanities Citation Index (A&HCI). SJR (Scopus, 2018): 0.142. Q2 (Arts and Humanities, Phylosophy).

León, Francisco J., Tena-Sánchez, Jordi, Miguel, Francisco J. (2020): “Fakers becoming believers. How opinion dynamics are shaped by preference falsification, impression management and coherence heuristics”. Quality and Quantity. International Journal of Methodology, 54: 385-412. JCR: 1.154 (5 years, 2017). Q2 (Statistics & Probability; Social Sciences -Interdisciplinary, SCIE, SSCI).

Tena-Sánchez, Jordi, León, Francisco J., & Noguera, José A. (2020): “Empathic cultural consumers: Pay what you want in the theater”. Journal of Consumer Affairs, 54 (4): 1213-1245. doi:10.1111/joca.12327 JCR: 2,038. Q2 (Economics, SSCI).


Communications in congresses, conferences, etc.

Tena-Sánchez, Jordi, León, Francisco J., Noguera, José A., de Quintana, J. & Linares, F.: "Social Influence, Preference Falsification and Non-Take-Up of Social Benefits: A Lab Experiment". Annual Conference of Experimental Sociology (ACES). Ascona (Swizerland). 2021.


Organization and participation in seminars and workshops

Seminar series of the Analytical Sociology and Institutional Design Group. Academic year 2020-2021. Co-organized by the Department of Sociology of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), Department of Sociology and Anthropology of the University of La Laguna & Department of Sociology of University of A Coruña.

  • “El encaje entre el ingreso mínimo vital y las rentas mínimas. Una simulación con los datos de la Encuesta de Condiciones de Vida.” José A. Noguera (UAB). 8th April 2021.
  • “Bias and truth in science evaluation: a simulation model of grant review panel discussions.” Adrián Martín-Bethencourt (University College Dublin). 22th April 2021.
  • “Dinámicas de difusión de rumores: modelo basado en agentes" Tania Hahn (UAB). 6th May 2021.
  • “Enjoy your meal! Obstacles in the effectiveness of nudges against obesity. A field experiment” Abbas Alikhademi (UAB). 20th May 2021.


Informative articles

León, Francisco J., Tena-Sánchez, Jordi & Miguel, Francisco J. (2021): “Preference falsification and the threatened democracy”. UAB Divulga. Barcelona Research and Innovation. <>

Tena-Sánchez, Jordi, León, Francisco J., & Noguera, José A. (2021): “Inverse ticket office in the Catalan theatres”. UAB Divulga. Barcelona Research and Innovation. Forthcoming.


Doctoral theses read

2020. Judith Muñoz. Women, poverty and cash transfers in Chile. A longitudinal qualitative research from the mechanism explanation approach. Department of Sociology, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). Director: Francisco J. León.


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