Development of new products to improve dental health

Researchers from Centre Grup de Tècniques de Separació en Química have developed a chewing gum and a dentifrice that improve dental health. Both products show remineralizing properties, which are very important for the caries prevention and treatment. The new dental products have been the result of two Thesis directed by Professor Manuel Valiente, director of the Centre.

GTS has studied the viability of using chewing gums to release calcium, fluoride and phosphate ions for the remineralization of teeth. When contacting with teeth surface, these ions form fluoroapatite contributing this way to the enamel and dentine regeneration. Thus, teeth resistance to acid attacks that take place in the oral media that are responsible for the formation of dental caries improves. On the other hand, the ions release must obey an adequate rate in order to achieve an efficient remineralization. Also, the ions concentration in saliva must be maintained at a satisfactory level for the fluoroapatite formation. Definitely, it is an ion-exchange process that must be studied from the Analytical Chemistry point of view.

Regarding the new dentifrice, developed by Anna Torrado, it combines the optimal characteristics for the release of calcium, fluoride and phosphate ions at an adequate rate in order to form fluoroapatite. The new dentifrice also reduces the dentinal hypersensitivity in a more fast and efficient way than the current dentifrices. In comparison with the dentifrices now present in the market, based on analgesics like potassium nitrate, the mechanism of action of the new system is based on the reduction of the quantity of exposed dentinal tubuli through their obliteration with natural components of teeth. Thus, there is no pain. This effect has been clinically tested successfully at the Dentistry Department of the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya.

Both innovations have been patented with the support of the company Sociedad Limitada para el Desarrollo Científico Aplicado (DCA, S.L.) that has acquired the exploitation rights. JOYCO has collaborated in the research studies of chewing gum.








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