Project management

Research Projects and Services developed in GTS Reseach Group are described as follow:



These research projects are differenced by participants an financial fonts. Taking into account participants can be classified as follow:

Research Projects with Institutional Agencies: These projects are subsidized by an institutional organism. These help is obtained by preparing an elaborated research project that is evaluated by a research committee. Organisms who provide this financial help can be:

MICINN  Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades 

GC      Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Government)

UE       European Union

Research Projects with companies : These projects appear by the necessity of some companies of developing new research lines. These projects can be regulated by a university-company signed agreement described below. These agreements can be of three different types depending on the financial font:

     Financing I: 100% company 

     Financing II: company and governmental institution

     Financing III: GTS Research Group is contract for an institution (CIDEM for example) to whom the company has applied for a R+D project

Link with web page where signed agreements are described:



These services are classified by the kind of service given to the client. They are differenced as follow:

Analyse Services: client contracts analytical services of GTS Research Group. These clients send a determined number of samples for the whole year in a systematic way and with a known frequency. This allow to GTS Research Group organise an assign necessary resorts.

Research and Consultancy Services: client contracts services of GTS Research Group for development or improvement or optimisation of an analytical method, collaboration in investigation projects, consultancy activities, etc.

Training Services

  • Training in analytical techniques
  • Training in quality assurance implantation

Management of these projects is made by an agreement signed will be decided by both GTS Research Group and client depending on service lasting.



These projects are based on punctual analyses made in a routine way by GTS Research Group and may include:

  • Request of a punctual analyse by a client
  • Request of different analyses during the year by the same client without arriving to an specific volume that allows to GTS Research Group sing an agrrement (if theses conditions are given we follow the previous point)


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