Services offered by GTS Research Group are described as follow:

1 | Analytical Processes

Metal and ion analyses in aqueous matrix
Analytical characterisation of polluted soils
Assessment for polluted soils and sediments

2 | Research Projects

Water treatments
Organic matrix treatment
Characterisation of chiral pharmaceutical products for their purification
New products development:

- Characterisation of chromatographic materials en separation processes
- Characterisation of membranes in separations enantioseparations and cleaning processes.
- Development and characterisation of dental materials and urologic lithiasis

3 | Training and improving

Courses on different topics related on methodologies developed by GTS
Individual training in specific analytical techniques
Analytical processes

4 | Quality Assurance

Courses on quality assurance in laboratory on ISO9000 and ISO17025
Assessment/Consultancy for quality assurance implantation in laboratory on ISO9000 and ISO17025
Implantation and following of quality systems in laboratory on ISO9000 and ISO 17025


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