Crowd Evacuation Modeling and Simulation Using Care HPS

TitleCrowd Evacuation Modeling and Simulation Using Care HPS
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsAlghazzawi, MJ, Tashakor, G, Borges, F, Suppi, R
JournalProcedia Computer Science
Pagination2453 - 2457
KeywordsDistributed Simulation

The problem of evacuating crowded closed spaces, such as discotheques, public exhibition pavilions or concert houses, has become increasingly important and gained attention both from practitioners and from public authorities. This kind of problem can be modeled using Agent-Based Model techniques and consequently simulated in order to study evacuation strategies. In this paper, we show the Fira of Barcelona evacuation model implemented with Care HPS. As a main contribution: i) we extend and added new partitioning approaches and other features in Care \{HPS\} to carry on this model; and ii) we figured out that crowd evacuation problem has bottlenecks in reality, such as exits, that required more deep optimization in code in order to decrease the total execution time. Finally, we draw some conclusions and point out ways in which this work can be further extended.

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