Invited Conference: Modeling and Simulation of Complex Industrial Systems

28 June, 2018

Monday, July 2 from 12:30am to 3:00pm,  Seminar B (QC/0015). School of Engineering.


Researcher: Dr. Hugo Mayer

Abstract: Nowadays, most industrial systems include Distributed Computing Systems (DCS) with many application processes that compete for the available resources in order to carry out their tasks. Their sub-systems are normally built separately and during integration the main objective is to guarantee that functional requirements are met. However, due to the complexity involved in systems integration, one of the big challenges in complex distributed systems is to make an efficient use of the available resources or reduce the cost paid to obtain the expected result. When designing and developing such complex systems, pure analytical or experimental techniques are not sufficient or very costly. For these reasons, system architecture modelling and simulation techniques are preferred, since they allow to easily perform design space exploration, what-if analysis and evaluation of Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Our current research focuses on addressing what we consider the three critical challenges in complex DCS: (a) System monitoring; (b) Modelling and simulation; and (c) Actuation and tuning. During this talk we will discuss the main challenges of modelling software processes and resource utilisation in photolithography machines produced by ASML and how such complex systems can be mimicked with high-level, trace-based simulation.  The main findings so far will be presented as well as the initial experimental results where we measure the accuracy of the proposed models considering different metrics. 

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