Digital Transformation of the Official Food Controls of Restaurants in Europe (poster)

TitleDigital Transformation of the Official Food Controls of Restaurants in Europe (poster)
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsGrau, E, Portaña, S, Rodríguez, M, Suppi, R, Serratosa, J
Conference NameEuropean Federation of Food Science and Technology (EFFoST) 2020
Date Published11/2020
Conference LocationOnline conference
KeywordsData Analysis, Data-driven controls, Digital Transformation, Food Controls

Barcelona Public Health Agency implements official food safety controls in Barcelona city. Data-driven controls are crucial to guarantee their effectiveness, consistency, fairness and quality. Historically, data and information have been collected, analysed and interpreted analogically, which may be influenced by individual- or experience-factors. Digital technologies enable electronic data collection, can be employed as tool for monitoring and predicting food risks, work planning, prioritisation or decision-making. Furthermore, new models of communication can be created through those technologies.

This study aims to qualitatively assess the digital transformation (DT) of municipal food safety controls implemented and enforced for restaurants in European Union (EU). It is intended to conduct expert interviews of decision and policymakers, managers and inspectors from different EU municipalities. Interviews are going to be formulated based on the four taxonomies of DT in public administrations: DT reasons, DT objects, DT transformation process and results of DT.

It is expected to collect information about the Why, What and How controls are being digitally transformed. This information will be valuable to describe the current state of DT of food controls, as well as its barriers and facilitators. Additionally, results obtained may guide and support authorities to strengthen and improve their performance through DT.

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