Modelling and Simulation of the COPD Patient and Clinical Staff in the Emergency Department (ED)

TitleModelling and Simulation of the COPD Patient and Clinical Staff in the Emergency Department (ED)
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2021
AuthorsAsghar, MHallaj, Vicente-Villalba, A, Wong, A, del Rosario, DRexachs, Luque Fadón, E
Conference Name9th Conference on Cloud Computing Conference, Big Data & Emerging Topics
Date Published06/2021
PublisherFacultad de Informática. UNLP
Conference LocationArgentina
ISBN Number978-950-34-2016-4
KeywordsCOPD, Emergency Department (ED), Emergency Medical Service (EMS), Pathologies, Simulation

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a critical and major social health problem. Comorbidities and coexisting conditions and symptoms are associated with and affected the whole body of COPD patients. Regarding the Exacerbation COPD patient, the Emergency Department (ED) and Emergency Medical Service (EMS) responsibility is managing, decision making, treating the initial response to the COPD patient. During the process, the head nurse and emergency medicine specialist should make various decisions for COPD patients. The first aims of this research is to create a new conceptual model to investigate the model of COPD patient, exacerbation COPD in EMS, Multiple COPD pathologies in ED, nurse action in the emergency box, nurse decision making, evaluation of the patient's condition, and reaction to the emergency box. The second purpose of this research is to create a computational model which will concentrate on the simulation model to use the probabilistic finite- state machines for training the nurses for professional decision with treatment and decision without treatment to evolves nurse with intervention to prevent exacerbation of COPD patients.

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