New Contribution at Jornadas de Paralelismo 2020/21

Jornadas de Paralelismo 2020/21. Málaga, Salamanca, September 2021

The Parallelism Conference  are defined as a scientific-technical congress nationwide held annually since 1990. The basic objective character of the conference is to bring together the maximum number of researchers from different universities and national research, with the to exchange experiences, present and discuss research results, promote coordination between groups and share their ideas on trends related to parallelism, architecture and computer networks in general. 

In the context of JP2021, Maria Harita, member of HPC4EAS, has presented the research paper:

  1. An Optimization Heuristic Method to solve NP-Hard problems through statistical learning. 473-480. Maria Harita, Alvaro Wong, Dolores Rexachs, Emilio Luque.

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