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proyecto de investigación Retos-Colaboración Plataformas Heterogéneas para la identificación de música (BEBOP)

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Project Title:  Plataformas Heterogéneas para la Identificación de Música (BEBOP)

Oficial Identifier: RTC-2016-4920-7

Funding Entity: Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Competitividad

Main Researcher
     A. Espinosa, D. Castells, J. Carrabina

    A. Espinosa,

    D. Castells,

    J. Carrabina,

    J. C. Moure,

    S. Marco Sola

    A. Casadevall


     Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Project Structure
     The main goal of this project is the research on ideas, techniques, policies, and mechanisms for the efficient execution of multidisciplinary applications with high computing and data requirements on systems in the multi/many core era, including clusters, peta/exascale supercomputers, peer-to-peer systems, and cloud computing systems. The project is organized in four related layers:

  • Applications: Several grand challenge applications will be studied. Executing these applications efficiently on upcoming systems not only represents a great challenge from the computational point of view, but also for the development and evolution of the corresponding science or engineering research field (bioinformatics, environment, industrial, entertainment …).

  • Programming models and execution environments: They must be reconsidered both regarding these new architectural trends (computation, communication and memory organization) and the requirements of the selected applications. An analysis of the suitability of existing solutions and the development of specific extensions is mandatory.

  • Performance modelling, evaluation and tuning: Performance models are critical for efficient programming and tuning. They must be broaden or even redesigned to include the new features of current and future high-performance systems. Moreover, current monitoring and tuning mechanisms must be rethought to be effective in large-scale, multi/many core systems.

  • Resource Management Mechanisms: Distribution, assignment, and scheduling policies will be analyzed in connection with the different types of system and application considered. New proposals will be investigated for cluster, cloud and peer-to-peer systems, which also care about core-level management.


Fechas Proyecto: 

Date: From 01/07/2016 to 31/12/2018

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