Andreas edita un llibre amb Tanja Kupisch

Trotzke, Andreas and Tanja Kupisch (eds.) (2020): Formal Linguistics and Language Education, Educational Linguistics, Cham, Springer International Publishing, doi:10.1007/978-3-030-39257-4

Nou article de Lisa, Laia i Xavier a Discourse Processes

Brunetti, Lisa, Laia Mayol y Xavier Villalba (2020): «Bridging strength, monotonicity, and word order choices in Catalan», Discourse Processes,

Xavier publica un capítol amb Ingo Feldhausen

Feldhausen, I., & Villalba, X. (2020). "5.4 Modality and Information Structure: Focus, Dislocation, Interrogative and Exclamatory Sentences". In Manual of Catalan Linguistics. Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter. doi:

M. Teresa coedits the Oxford Handbook of Negation

M. Teresa coedits the Oxford Handbook of Negation

Vivianne Déprez and M. Teresa Espinal have edited the Oxford Handbook of Negation, the most actual reference work on negation, with an impressive list of contributors:

1. Introduction: Negation in language and beyond, Viviane Déprez and M.Teresa Espinal
Part I: Fundamentals
2. Negation and opposition: Contradiction and contrariety in logic and language, Laurence R. Horn
3. Negative predicates: Incorporated negation, Jacques Moeschler
4. Denial, David Ripley
5. Types of negation, Karen De Clercq
6. Affixal negation, Shrikant Joshi
7. The typology of negation, Johan van der Auwera and Olga Krasnoukhova
Part II: Questions in the syntax of negation
8. The morpho-syntactic nature of the negative marker, Chiara Gianollo
9. The possible positioning of negation, Cecilia Poletto
10. Negation and constituent ordering: Case studies, Elizabeth Pearce
11. The expression of negation in sign languages, Josep Quer
Part III: Negation at the syntax-semantics interface
12. Neg-raising, Laurence R. Horn
13. Intervention effects with negation, Clemens Mayr
14. Form and function of negative, tag, and rhetorical questions, Maribel Romero
15. Expletive negation, Denis Delfitto
16. Calculating the scope of negation: Interaction of negation with quantifiers, Nicholas Fleisher
Part IV: Semantics and pragmatics of negation
17. Modals and negation, Naomi Francis and Sabine Iatridou
18. Negation in event semantics, Barry Schein
19. Negation and alternatives: Interaction with focus constituents, Anamaria Falaus
20. Metalinguistic negation, Ana Maria Martins
21. Negation and presupposition, David Beaver and Kristin Denlinger
Part V: Negative dependencies
22. Negative Polarity Items, Lucia M. Tovena
23. Minimizers and maximizers as different types of polarity items, Susagna Tubau
24. Negative quantifiers, Hedde Zeiljstra
25. Negative fragment answers, Andrew Weir
26. Negative concord and the nature of negative concord items, Anastasia Giannakidou
27. Double negation readings, Henriëtte de Swart
Part VI: Synchronic and diachronic variation in negation
28. Quantitative studies of the use of negative (dependent) expressions, Phillip Wallage
29. Negation in non-standard varieties, Christina Tortora and Frances Blanchette
30. The negative cycle and beyond, Anne Breitbarth
31. Evolution of negative dependencies, Chiara Gianollo
32. The role of pragmatics in negation change, Pierre Larrivée
Part VII: Emergence and acquisition of negation
33. Evolutionary precursors of negation in non-human reasoning, Manuel Bohn, Josep Call, and Christoph J. Völter
34. Cognitive precursors of negation in pre-verbal infants, Jean-Rémy Hochmann
35. Negation and first language acquisition, Rosalind Thornton
36. Negation in L2 acquisition and beyond, Liliana Sánchez and Jennifer Austin
Part VIII: Experimental investigations of negation
37. Understanding negation: Issues in the processing of negation, Barbara Kaup and Carolin Dudschig
38. Negative polarity illusions, Hanna Muller and Colin Phillips
39. Negation, prosody, and gesture, Pilar Prieto and M.Teresa Espinal
40. Negation and the brain: Experiments in health and in focal brain disease, and their theoretical implications, Yosef Grodzinsky, Virginia Jaichenco, Isabelle Deschamps, María Elina Sánchez, Martín Fuchs, Peter Pieperhoff, Yonatan Loewenstein, and Katrin Amunts
41. Individual differences in processing of negative operators: Implications for bilinguals, Veena D. Dwivedi
42. The neurology of negation: fMRI, ERP, and aphasia, Ken Ramshøj Christensen
43. The neurobiology of lexical and sentential negation, Liuba Papeo and Manuel de Vega

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