New article by Xavier and Sílvia

Villalba , X. ., & Planas-Morales, S. . (2020). Complementantes preposicionales en las relativas de infinitivo: Revista Española De Lingüística, 50(2), 83-106. 

Susagna, Urtzi, Viviane and M. Teresa coedit a research topic in Frontiers

Research topic: What are (un)acceptabiity and (un)grammaticality? How do they relate to one another and to interpretation?


New chapter by Xavier

New chapter by Xavier

Xavier Villalba contributed with the chapter Scoping in degree exclamatives to the book Interface-Driven Phenomena in Spanish: Essays in Honor of Javier Gutiérrez-Rexach, edited by Melvin González-Rivera and Sandro Sassarego in Routledge.


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