Susagna, Urtzi, Viviane and M. Teresa coedit a research topic in Frontiers

Research topic: What are (un)acceptabiity and (un)grammaticality? How do they relate to one another and to interpretation?


New chapter by Olga, Joan and Daria

New chapter by Olga, Joan and Daria:

Olga Borik, Joan Borràs-Comes & Dària Serés. 2020. Preverbal (in)definites in Russian: An experimental study, in K. Balogh, A. Latrouite & R. D. Van Valin, Jr (eds.) Nominal anchoring. Language Science Press

Talk by Evripidis

Seminari del CLT 
Greek polydefiniteness revisited: Polydefinites as (non-)restrictively modified DPs 
(joint work with Joan Borràs Comes & M.Teresa Espinal) 

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Friday, October 30, 2020 - 15:30
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