Artur Lozano Méndez

Departamento de Traducción e Interpretación y de Estudios de Asia Oriental
Facultad de Traducción e Interpretación (UAB)
Office: K-1008
Tel. (+34) 93 581 33 66
Twitter: @ArturLozano

Artur Lozano-Méndez is profesor of East-Asian Studies at UAB. He holds a degree on Translation and on East-Asian Studies and PhD on Translation and Intercultural Studies with specialization in research about contemporary East Asia. His teaching areas are: Japanese Politics, Japanese Thinking, Cultural Studies and Japanese Popular Culture. He’s a member at InterAsia Research Group, he has completed various research stages in Japan and United Kingdom and has participated in diverse international conferences. His research applies critical theory on the study of the cultural produccion in Japan and its international image as a country.

These are some of his most important works: the chapter «Techno-Orientalism in East-Asian Contexts: Reiteration, Diversification, Adaptation» in Telmissany, M.; Tara Schwartz, S. (eds.): Counterpoints: Edward Said’s Legacy. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2010; the article «Mamoru Oshii’s Exploration of the Potentialities of Consciousness in a Globalised Capitalist Network», ejcjs – Electronic Journal of Contemporary Japanese Studies, 15 (3), 2015; and the edition of the volume El Japón contemporáneo. Una aproximación desde los estudios culturales, Eds. Bellaterra, 2016.




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