Mª Teresa Rodríguez Navarro

Departamento de Traducción e Interpretación y de Estudios de Asia Oriental
Facultad de Traducción e Interpretación-UAB
Despacho: K-1008 
Teléfono. 93 581 3366 
Correo electrónico: Mariateresa.Rodriguez@uab.cat 

BA in Law;  MB in Translation Studies. Ph D. In Translation Studies (East Asian Studies Section). She is currently Assistant Professor of Japanese Language and at the Departament of Translation and Interpreting, Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), Spain.

Dr, Rodríguez Navarro research is in the area of japanese influences to the West and viceversa , through Translation , Thinking and Art, and she is interested particularly in japanese authors/translators of the Meiji Era and   XXth century who were pineers in the dissemination of Japanese Culture and Values in the West, and  contributed to the reception and assimilation of Western Culture and Thoght in Japan. 

Her  proffesional CV reflects that she has been working as a intercultural mediator between Spain and Japan for more than twenty years (since 1988) , in areas as varied as Art, Bussiness and Law. In her Ph.D. Thesis ha has already worked on the figure of Nitobe Inazo, as a bridge between East and west by analyzing his book “Bushido. The Soul of Japan” and five translations of the work . Her work has been very well accepted in the cientific community and opened a new line of research . Currently, She continueS with the   research on the presence of Bushido in present day Japan, and issues of interculturalism, identity, and cultural translation . Besides, she is  interested in Comparative Law and on Japanese Law  as a Intercultural  Product. Specifically, in the influence of Japanese and Western traditions in Current Japanese Constitutional and Civil Law.

Fellowship.  The Japan Foundation (Long -term fellowship for scholars and researchers, 2009)

Main Publications: 

A(2013)Rodríguez, Mª Teresa et al  (2013). Derecho Civil en “Introducción al Derecho Japonés Actual”. Autores varios.  Editorial Thompson- Reuters- Aranzadi. Colecciones Aranzadi, Capítulo 3; (2012) Rodríguez Navarro, M. T- Beeby , A.  “Censorship and self-censorship in Nitobe´s BushidoThe Soul of Japan, and four  translations of the work” (2012). En Censure et traduction en deçà et au-delà du monde occidental / Censorship and Translation within and beyond the Western World. TTR  :  Volume 23, numéro 2(2011)La presencia del Bushidô en el Japón actual”.  Japón y el mundo actual, Editado por Elena Barlés y David Almazán. Colección Federico Torralba de Estudios de Asia Oriental.  pp. 237-259; (2011) “The reception of Ethical and Aesthetical values of Japanese Culture in the West;“The translations of Nitobe’s Bushido and Okakura’s Book of tea into Spanish” .Cultural Translations. Proceedings of the Workshop/Symposium in Varberg and Kyoto , Ed. Noriko Takei-Thurman & Guo Nanyan ;(2009) Beeby, A-Rodríguez Navarro. M. T. Millán-Astray´s  translation of Nitobe's  Bushido: The Soul of Japan “Meta.  Le journal des Traducteurs/ Meta. Translators Journal : ; (2008) “La visión de la mujer japonesa en el Bushido de Inazo Nitobe”. (2008) “El discurso orientalista en la primera traducción francesa del Bushido de Nitobe”.  Inter-Asia Papers, N. 5.UAB, Barcelona;(2008)  “La influencia del Bushidô en la Constitución Meiji de 1889 y el Edicto Imperial de la Educación de 1890”. CEIAP II. Valencia, 2008




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