Sara Rovira-Esteva

Office: K 2008 
Tel:93 581 3389 
E-mail:: sara.rovira (at)

Sara Rovira Esteva holds a BA in Traslation and Interpreting, Autonomous University of Barcelona (1996) and a PhD in Translation Theory, Autonomous University of Barcelona (2003). She currently teaches Chinese language, East Asian linguistics, translation and research methodology at the Department of Translation and Interpreting (UAB). Lately she has combined her academic activities with professional ones, focusing on audiovisual and literary translation. She has translated into Spanish/Catalan Gao Xingjian, Chun Sue, Ma Jian and Feng Menglong.

Her research areas are: critical discourse analysis, didactics of Chinese as a foreign language, intercultural Communication between Spanish and Chinese cultures, contrastive Linguistics between Catalan/Spanish and Chinese and chinese to Catalan/Spanish Translation and Interpreting.




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