Tomás Grau de Pablos

Departamento de Traducción e Interpretación y de Estudios de Asia Oriental
Facultad de Traducción e Interpretación-UAB
Office: MRA-17
Telephone: +34 93 581 8902

Research personnel in formation and Phd student in the field of East Asian Studies at Facultad de Traducción e Interpretación. His main research lines are the study and analysis of the symbolic production and cultural exchange between Japan and Spain through established media regarding the distribution and consumption of videogames. Furthermore, his research is focused in the production, configuration and prioritization of the popular culture through production of consumption items, and the implication those processes imply for the role of Japan as a political entity holder of its own speech and agency in the contemporary international scene.  

Most of his contributions are in the presentation of communications and collaborations in panels at international congresses and symposiums. Among them: “Exclusive mechanics: History of the Videogame industry and its relation with cultural distinctions between Game Genres” (AAS Conference 2014); “Game Design and emergent storytelling: the construction of new narrative models in early Japanese video games” (Replaying Japan 2015); and “The representation of modern Japan through its ludic culture” (VI Simposio internacional de jóvenes investigadores en traducción, interpretación, estudios interculturales y estudios de Asia Oriental). He has also collaborated in the issue of the books “El Japón contemporáneo: una aproximación desde los estudios culturales” (Ediciones Bellaterra 2016) and “The Metal Gear Reader Anthology” (yet unpublished) by writing the chapters “Estancamiento económico y decadencia creativas: características, elementos y percepciones del videojuego japonés moderno”, and “Japanese stealth mechanics: the creation of subversive ludic spaces within the Western spy genre”.




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