Childhood, Family and Comparative Social Policy

Childhood, Family and Comparative Social Policy (Iphigenia) is a research group associated with the Department of Sociology of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

Iphigenia deals mainly with issues concerning the interrelating of personal life with the market and the state, as well as with the rise of new social risks in areas concerned with childhood and the family.

The group's activity is directed towards basic and applied research projects, especially those focusing on the identification and prevention of social risks, the preparation and evaluation of public policies and the policy implications of sociological research geared to institutional reform. Iphigenia participates in various international and national research networks and has completed a number of comparative research projects on changing family and divorce patterns, family policy, child well-being, work-life balance, relationships between formal and informal work, gender arrangements, parental leave and care work.

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