Makoto Motomura


Makoto Motomura

University of the Ryukyus, Okinawa, Japan




Makoto Motomura (born in Ishigaki, Japan in 1969) is Associate Professor of Community Welfare at the Universities of The Ryukyus (located in Okinawa, Japan). In the university, he teaches Child welfare and General social work, and also in charge of practicums of social work practice. One of his research subjects is child welfare support system. It comprises prevention of child abuse and support system for children in residential institution. He had achieved several times the Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research by Japanese government for relating research project. And he has practiced more than 15 years in actual human service settings like elementary and junior high school, children’s home and psychosomatic clinics as counselor. Besides these child welfare fields research and practice, his another research subject is gender studies. He participate in “Gender Studies in Okinawa” which is one of the three 5-year projects currently undertaken by International Institute for Okinawan Studies (IIOS), the research institute at the University of the Ryukyus. His interests in this gender study comprise significant role of women in child welfare system at the period of post-World-War Ⅱ in islands and marginal area like Okinawa. Within his specialty he acts as a supervisor at child guidance centers and as a member of local council for social welfare.





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Academic background


Makoto Motomura took a degree in Sociology at the Universities of the Ryukyus (1992) and then graduated in Social Welfare from the Ryukoku University (1994) and obtained his PhD in Medicine from Universities of the Ryukyus (2010). In the period 1998-99 he undertook visiting research fellow in social work at the San Jose State University (California, USA).  

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