Teresa Velázquez

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Short biography: 

Professor of Journalism at the UAB. Subjects: Research Methodology in Communication; Communication, cooperation and development. Course of Master in Research in Communication and Journalism: Module of Communication and Cooperation for Development. Director of the research project "The social construction of the intermediterranean space and its correlation in the thematic agendas of the media. Information in the press and television" financed by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO). Academic Coordinator of the UAB Master of the MIM

Academic status and research lines

- Professor of Journalism at the UAB. Profile: communication theories, communication semiotics and communication research methodology

- Director of the Laboratory of Prospective and Research in Communication, Culture and Cooperation (LAPREC), Department of Journalism and Communication Sciences, UAB

- President of the Mediterranean Observatory of Communication (OMEC), organization dependent on LAPREC

- PhD in Information Science - Journalism (UAB, 1990)

- FPI in Spain, (UAB 1977-1979)

- FPI abroad (University of Amsterdam (1979-1980) and University of Berkeley (1980-1981)

- Bachelor's Degree in Information Sciences-Journalism (UAB, 1982)

- Degree in Information Sciences - Journalism (UAB, 1976)

- Degree in Hispanic Philology (UB, 1976)

Recent Posts

- «Research techniques for the analysis of communication. Statistical databases on communication. In research in communication. Barcelona: Gedisa; 2011

- «Velázquez T. The analysis of content. In: Vilches L. Research in communication ». Barcelona: Gedisa; 2011

- «Velázquez T. The techniques of socio-semiotic analysis. In: Vilches L. Research in Communication ». Barcelona: Gedisa; 2011

- Dins de Christoph Wulf, Jacques Poulain and Fathi Triki, (eds.) Violence, religion, et dialogue interculturel, Euro-méditerranéennes perspectives (eds.), "Societé multicuturelle et construction de l'image de l'autre. Paris, L'Harmattan, 2010a: 207-234

- "Communication, cooperation and social change in the Mediterranean region: research, projects and training". Within: EMUNI (2nd EMUNI Research Souk, Multi-Euro-Mediterranean Research Conference: Living Together in the Multi-cultural Society, online publication, http://res.emuni.si, 2010b: 1461-1469

- "Communication and Knowledge Society: research projects in the Mediterranean region (Europe and North Africa)". Within: Revista Libero-São Paulo, 2010c, v. 13, n. 26: 21-28. - Borders (Coordinator). Buenos Aires, La Crujía, 2009a. Collection designe, no. 13

- "The presence of interculturalism in the sections of culture in the diaries of Barcelona". Within: Latin American Journal of Communication Sciences. ALAIC. Year VI, no. 10, 2009c: 92-102 Academic and professional trajectory


- Academic Director of the UAB of the postgraduate European Master's degrees "Inter-Mediterranean Mediation: economic investment and intercultural integration (MIM)", since 2003 and the Postgraduate Diploma "Communication, international cooperation and socio-cultural mediation in the Mediterranean" , Since 2008

- She was coordinator / ERASMUS Tutor (different European universities) of the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the UAB, since 1999

- Member of the editorial, advisory or editorial board of different international scientific journals. Head of Editorial in Spain, Revista deSignis

- It was an ecretaría of the Management Committee and of the Center of the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the UAB, from June 2009 to June 2010

- Member of the CITEC (Research and Third Cycle Commission) of the Department of Journalism and Communication Sciences of the UAB, since 2005 and academic secretary of the same, from March 2008 to June 2009. She was the director of the Department, From March 1993 to March 1995

- She was Vice-Dean of Teaching and Teaching at the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the UAB, from March 2001 to June 2005

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