Ricardo Carniel Bugs

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Short biography: 

Ricardo Carniel Bugs is a journalist, postdoctoral researcher and assistant professor in the Department of Journalism and Communication Studies at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). He is an assistant academic coordinator of the MIM Master of the UAB, member of the Laboratory of Prospective and Research in Communication, Culture and Cooperation (LAPREC) and executive secretary of the Mediterranean Observatory of Communication (OMEC). His main fields of research are the law and media policy, the regulation of audiovisual content, pluralism and diversity, journalism, communication and cooperation for social change, among others

Academic status and research lines

- Ph.D. In Journalism and Communication, with special mention of "European Doctorate"

- Diploma of Advanced Studies in Journalism (UAB)

- Master in Communication and Journalism - Communication Policies (UAB)

- Degree in Journalism (jointly - UAB)

- Researcher in the Laboratory of Prospective and Research in Communication, Culture and Cooperation (LAPREC), Department of Journalism and Communication Sciences (UAB)

- His research lines are: Communication Systems and Policies, Audiovisual Regulatory Authorities, Research Methodology, Theories of Communication, Journalism, Audiovisual Communication

Recent Posts

- "Treatment of journalistic genres in the information of the Euro-Mediterranean press. History and social communication [Internet]. 2014; 18

- "Supra-State objectives and recommendations for audiovisual media and regulation of the sector in the Euro-Mediterranean context". Dins de Teresa Velázquez (ed.) The Mediterranean space in the information of the public televisions. Barcelona: Editorial UOC, 2014 (in press)

- "The regulation of television in Mediterranean countries: monitoring and promoting political pluralism". Dins de David Caldevilla Domínguez (coord.) Current evaluation parameters for persuasive communication. Madrid: Vision Books, 2013, pp. 127-148

- "Treatment of journalistic genres in the information of the Euro-Mediterranean press". History and Social Communication, v.18 (October), 2013, pp. 15-32

- Public Service Broadcasting in the MENA region. Potential for reform. Versió en català: The Missio of the audiovisual public service to the region of the Maghreb and the Mashrek: regional report. Verso en français: La Mission de service publique audiovisuel dans la région Maghreb / ​​Machrek: regional rapport. Paris - Barcelona: IPP-OMEC, 2012

- "Methodology for the teaching of pre-scripture in the Degree of Periodisme of the UAB". @tic. Journal of educational innovation, 9 (Juliol-Desembre), 2012, pp. 140-146

- Carniel Bugs, R. (2011). "The State Council of Audiovisual Media of Spain. More than a year waiting for the start up". Textual & Visual Media, 4, 2011, pp.45-64

- "Regulatory Authorities and the Protection of the Young Public in the Mediterranean", 2010. Living Together in the Multi Cultural Society. Proceedings of the 2nd EMUNI Research Souk. EMUNI University, Slovenia. ISBN: 978-961-6805-02-5

- '' Education of Citizens allied to the Regulation of Mitjans: The role of Audiovisual Councils in Spain as promoters of Media Literacy '', 2010. International Congress Media literacy and digital cultures. ISBN: 978-84-693-2361-8

- '' The actions of independent bodies in the regulations of the public television of the United Kingdom and Spain ''. Studies me Communication, no. 7, vol. 2, 2010. ISSN 1646-4974

- '' Independent Organizations of audiovisual regulations: The first five years of the Ofcom and the challenge of convergence ''. RUTA: Revista Universitaria de Trabajos Académicos, no. 2, 2009. ISSN 2013-0740


- Has presented papers at international conferences such as the Arab Media Center 2011 (United Kingdom), ECREA 2010 (Germany), WOCMES 2010 (Catalonia), IAMCR 2010 (Portugal), among others

- Secretary of the Mediterranean Observatory of Communication (OMEC)

- Member of the coordination and teaching team of the European Master "Inter-Mediterranean Mediation: economic investment and intercultural integration (MIM)" and the Postgraduate Diploma "Communication, international cooperation and socio-cultural mediation in the Mediterranean"

- Tutor Erasmus of the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the UAB for Portuguese and Brazilian universities

- Member of the Editorial Board of Conexiones, Revista Iberoamericana de Comunicación.

- Journalist with experience in the media, especially in television, since 1997

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