Natalia Fernández

Short biography: 

Ph.D. In Linguistics (2000, theme: gender violence and media) and Ph.D. In Logic and Philosophy of Science (2012, illness and personal narrations). MA in Human Sexuality (1994), MA in Music and Music Language (1986) and MA in German Philology (1990). Participates in the master's "Health and well-being" (conflict resolution in the area of ​​health relations, analysis of social perceptions and public speeches in the field of health and disease, gender) and teacher China-European Union (intercultural communication , Media representations, discourse analysis, gender, etc.). Translator in 9 languages

Academic status and research lines

- Professor of International and Intercultural Communication and Intercultural Negotiation and resolution of conflicts at the Autonomous University of Barcelona

- Teacher in the MIM Master from the beginning

Recent Posts

- Ten books of poetry and various articles and essays in newspapers and magazines, including the chapter entitled "Barcelona: Resonance, Smells and Chromatisms" (Documenta 11 de Kassel, Germany)

- "Polifemo and the bearded woman. (Dis) angry about an atypical cancer" (Barcelona, ​​Roca, 2016)

- "Sexual Violence and Its Representation in the Press" (Barcelona: Anthropos, 2003)

- Author of several books and articles on gender, language, media and intercultural and international communication


- Professor of the European Master in Intermediterranean Mediation: Economic Investment and Intercultural Integration, Faculty of Communication Sciences, Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) 2003

- Professor of International and Intercultural Communication at the Center for International and Intercultural Relations, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, ​​2002

- Communication officer of the Catalan Institute for Cooperation with Latin America, 2002

- Invited researcher in the project SEC99-0750 "Multicultural society: the treatment of social exclusion in the news of European television". Department of Journalism and Communication Sciences of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​2000-2003

- Spanish teacher in Taaltip (The Netherlands), 1999-2000

- Spanish teacher at the Molinos de Viento Institute, Interlingua and Cervantes (The Netherlands), 1998-2000

- Creation of the institute of languages ​​"M + F. Strategies of communication and discourse analysis", 2000

- Conferences and presentations of various congresses in Europe and America

- Member of the International Association of Writers, U.S.A. And the PEN Club, Nederland

- Interpreter and translator of several books. Editor of the guide of Catalonia-Latin America

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