Elisabet García Altadill

Short biography: 

Lecturer at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). He currently teaches different degrees such as "Audiovisual periodistic production" and "TV and cinema language", and collaborates with the Master MIM and Postgraduate in Communication, International Cooperation and Social and Cultural Mediation in the Mediterranean. Doctorate (cum laude) in Information Sciences (Journalism), Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). Bachelor of Science in Information (Journalism), UAB, and Audiovisual Communication Degree, Faculty of Communication Sciences, UAB

Academic status and research lines

- Professor of Audiovisual Communication at the Faculty of Communication Sciences (Department of Audiovisual Communication and Advertising) Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)

- Vicedecana de Ordenación Académica

- Professor of the European Master's Degree "Inter-Mediterranean Mediation (MIM)" (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona-UAB, Università Ca Foscari of Venice, University of Montpellier III-Paul Valéry)

- Projects: "The analysis of social exclusion in the fiction of television in the European Union and the southern Mediterranean" (01/11/2002, 10/31/05), and "Television and the social uses of sport "(01/01/91, 10/31/94)

- Researcher at LAPREC and her current research focus is the analysis of audiovisual content.

Recent Posts

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- D. Jones, M. Gutiérrez "Sports and the Media: Introduction to the Situation in Spain", Research in Sports Sciences, no. 5, Madrid, 1996, pp.43-68

- M. Moragas, M. Moreno "Sport in the Spanish televisions" in Telos n º 38, Madrid, 1994, pp.109-118

- "TV-3: gave anys of Institutional Life in català" in Capçalera, nº 46, Barcelona, ​​1993, pp.4-9

- P. Rueda "A Brazilian telenovela in Spain, 1984/1988", Intercom.Revista Brasileira de Comunicação, no. 62/63, Sao Paulo (Brazil), 1990, pp. 61-72

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