Lucía Molina

Short biography: 

She holds a PhD in Translation and Interpretation from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and a BA in Arabic Studies from the University of Barcelona. She is currently a professor of Arabic at the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting at the UAB. She is also professor of the Master in Cultural Studies of the UAB and Master of Inter-Mediterranean Mediation: Economic Investment and Intercultural Integration (MIM) and in the Postgraduate Diploma in Communication, International Cooperation and Socio-cultural Mediation in the Mediterranean, in The same university

Academic status and research lines

- Full Professor at the Translation and Interpretation Department, UAB

- Academic Coordinator of the Official Master in Translation, Interpretation and Intercultural Studies

- His research focuses on Translation Studies, with special attention to Cultural Transfer and Teaching of Arabic

- Member of the Mediterranean Observatory of Communication (OMEC)

- It is linked to the Laboratory for Prospective and Research in Communication, Culture and Cooperation (LAPREC), as researcher in the project "The social construction of the Euro-Mediterranean space in the media." Press and television information "(CSO2008-01.579 / SOCIO) (2009-2011), funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation

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