Lucrecia Escudero Chauvel

Short biography: 

She is Professor of Theory and Models of Communication of the INFOCOM - IUT Department - University of Lille (France) where she was Director of the Professional Communication License. ( He is part of the PhD programme in Sociosemiotic of the National University of Cordoba (Argentina). She participated in the University of Paris VIII - Department INFOCOM as assistant professor in Theory of Signs and in Graphic Semiology at the University of Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle. He directed the Office of Communication of the Rector of the National University of Rosario and the Department of Communication and Educational Technology of the same University. She was Fellow of the International Council for Canadian Studies in TV and Media in Educational Technology, CLACSO Scholar, CONICET Scholar, junior, senior and external scholarship. She was a fellow of the Italian Institute of Culture to study semiotics at the University of Bologna. As a professional she was part of the campaign team in communication of the Argentine President Raul Alfonsin (1982/1983) and carried out image and strategy studies for Christian Dior International (France), Credit Agricole (France), Banco Bisel (Argentina), Societé Générale France), Clarin Journal (Argentina), Marie Claire International Magazine (France). He directed the program "Communication strategies in the prevention of AIDS" (Program ALFA of the European Union, 1996/99). She is currently Director of the Latin American Journal of Semiotics and Communication, deSigniS (

Academic status and research lines:

- Research Professor, Department of Information and Communication, University of Lille 3 - IUTB (France)
- PhD in Semiotics at the University of Bologna (Italy) under the direction of Umberto Eco
- Master of Science in Language of the University of Paris XIII under the direction of Patrick Charaudeau
- Licensed in letters from the National University of Rosario (Argentina)
- Research lines: Socioemesis. Media Analysis. Evolution of public space. Political speech. Semiotics of Fashion.

Author of the books Media Stories in the Falklands-Malvinas conflict. Nottigham. Critical, culture and Communication Press. Translated by Guillermo Olivera. ISBN 978-1-905510-10-8 .UK. 2012, Democracias de Opinion. Medios y Comunicacion politica. In collaboration with Claudia Garcia Rubio. ISBN 978-987-601.036-8. Buenos Aires. La Crujia. 2007,Malvinas: el gran relato. Fuente y rumores en la informacion de guerra, with prologue by Umberto Eco. ISBN 84-7432-608-7.Barcelona.Gedisa.1996; Media Truth. ISSN 0838-5885. Toronto University Press, Semiotic Circle. Monograph Series. 1996; Telenovelas. Ficcion popular y mutaciones culturales. In collaboration with Eliseo Veron. ISBN 84-7432-613-3. Barcelona. Gedisa.1997.

Publicaciones recientes

2017 « Cultural Studies, Ideology and Media Texts.». In AAVV Essais on Umberto Eco. Library of Living Philisophers. Univerty of Michigan Press.
2016  « Malvinas el gran relato. Fuentes y rumores en la información de guerra treinta años después». In Duran, M. (ed) Relatos de Malvinas. Paradojas en la representación e imaginario nacional. Buenos Aires : Edulp -Eduvim. ISBN 978.- 987-699-355-5/CDD 997.11024. PP.33-41.
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2013 “Moda y tendencias”. In Codigo n77. Octuber-November. ISSN 0040232769580. Mexico. PP50-54


Professor at the IPKM Institute of the University of Bremen, Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Cologne (Germany), Center for Post Conflict Studies at the University of Nottingham, Center for Modern Languages at the University of Stirling (UK), IECO The National University of Colombia, the Faculty of Social Sciences of the National University of Chile, TEC-Campus City of Mexico, Faculty of Architecture, Autonomous University of Mexico (Mexico).
- Coordinates and organizes international semiotic symposia (2017 Mediations/Médiatisations en colaboración EHESS. 2016 Transformaciones de la visibilidad in collaboration with Sorbonne Nouvelle.)
-Member of several scientific committees of academic journals, such as Signa (Spanish Association of Semiotics), Dialogos de la Comunicación (FELAFACS), Moda Brasil (Anhembi Morubi University) and Galaxia. Revista Transdisciplinar de Comunicación. 

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