Claudio Andrés Maldonado Rivera

Short biography: 

Claudio Andrés Maldonado Rivera is Professor of State in Spanish and communication by the University of La Frontera, Temuco, Chile. He currently teaches and researches at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the Catholic University of Temuco and teaches postgraduate courses at the National Institute of Higher National Studies of Ecuador and at the University of La Frontera in Temuco. He has published articles and academic essays on topics of communication and culture in specialized magazines and book chapters, as well as coordinating collective works. He has participated as an exhibitor and invited panelist in national and international congresses Associate Professor of the Master in Research in Communication Policies, mention in Social Development, Institute of Higher National Studies (IAEN), Ecuador. Subject: Communication, Good Living and Human Rights.

Academic status and research lines
- PhD in Communication and Journalism from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​Spain
- Master of Science in Communication, and Bachelor of Education from the University of La Frontera, Temuco, Chile
- Researcher in charge of the FONDECYT project of Initiation n ° 11140180, titled "Technological appropriation, discourse and decoloniality: Mapuche digital informative production within the context of the nation-state conflict and Mapuche people in the region of La Araucanía"; And the "Rain Books: Current Status of Independent and University Publishers of Southern Chile" Book and Reading Fund - National Council of Culture and the Arts, Chile
- Researcher in the Laboratory of Prospective and Research in Communication, Culture and Cooperation (LAPREC), Department of Journalism and Communication Sciences (UAB)
- His lines of research are: communication and discourse - communication in intercultural contexts - social appropriation of technologies - decolonial
Recent posts
- Maldonado, Claudio. 2015. Decoloniality in virtual networks. The case of Azkintuwe. FELAFACS, Colombia
- Maldonado, Claudio. De-Coloniality, Technologies and Communication. Theoretical discussions. CIESPAL, Ecuador. (In edition)
- Maldonado, Claudio. 2015. "Decoloniality, technologies and communication. A case study, "in Revista Dialogues de la Comunicación, special edition. Http://
- Maldonado, Claudio; REYES, Carlos; OF VALLE, Carlos. 2015. "Indigenous Emergency, Communication-another and Good Living: thinking the communicative socio-praxis of indigenous peoples" in Chasqui n. 128, pp. 166-183
- Maldonado, Claudio and DEL VALLE, Carlos. 2016. "Episteme decolonial in two works of Mapuche thought. Re-writing Interculturality ", in Chungara, Revista de Antropología, Vol. 48, nº 2, pp. 319-329
- Maldonado, Claudio. 2016. "Notes on epistemic decolonization in regional communication thinking", in Chasqui nº 131, pp. 39-46
- In the year 2015 he was awarded by the Latin American Federation of Faculties of Social Communication (FELAFACS) for the contributions that his doctoral thesis offers to the field of Latin American communication; And in 2016 he received the Extraordinary Doctorate Award from the Autonomous University of Barcelona
- Served in the period 2015 - 2016 as Research Director of the International Center for Advanced Studies in Communication for Latin America (CIESPAL), Quito, Ecuador
- Coordinator of the Monograph "Dialogue of Knowledge: Colloquialism and Latin American Communication", Chasqui, Latin American Journal of Communication, no. 131, year 2016
- Exhibitor at the IX National Meeting of Discourse Studies, Catholic University of Temuco, November 2016. Lecture: Critical and complex analysis of the discourse to Mapuche digital media. Decolonial Heteronomies
- Exhibitor invited to the "Racism and Culture" Co-op, Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities, University of Chile, October 2016. Lecture: The spectacularization of racism in contexts of conflict. A case reading
- Speaker at the XIII Congress of the Latin American Association of Communication Researchers (ALAIC), Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana de México, Mexico City. 5 to 7 October. Paper: Communication and decoloniality in Mapuche media
- Panelist invited to the International Congress "Discursive territories in Latin America: interculturality, communication and identity". CIESPAL, Quito, Ecuador. 12 to 15 September. Paper: Interculturality, power and heteronomies
- Panelist invited to the Latin American Colloquium of Communication Sciences: Methodologies of research in communication in Latin America "University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. From 2 to 5 September. Paper: Episteme of domination and investigation in communication
- Organizer and exhibitor of the Seminar "Communication and intercultiurality: readings in front of the civilizational crisis". Catholic University of Temuco, Chile. 14 and 15 June. Paper: interculturality (es) and communications from dissent
- Dictated the Seminar "Thinking a Southern Communication. Contributions from Latin American decolonial thinking ". Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​6 to 8 April 2016

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