Conversation "Morocco: Islam, gender, human rights and decoloniality"


Next Thursday, April 12, from 9:00 in the Degrees Room of the Faculty of Communication Sciences, the "Morocco: Islam, gender, human rights and decoloniality" will be held as part of the 4th year course of the Degree in Journalism "Communication, Cooperation and Development".

Conversation will last three hours, during which participants will share experiences from the interventions of Yosef Bakali, political science student and member of Podemos, as well as Btíssam El Hannach, economics student and feminist, who will make reference from its origins and shared identities to relative issues of human rights, gender and religion.
During the activity the decoloniality theme will be introduced, applying the Quipus Test of privileges, generating instrument and group dynamics coming from indigenous methodologies, with which the privileges imposed or suppressed will be reflected from the critical approach of Human Rights and intersectional dimensions. the Colonial World System.
The event is organized by the Laboratory of Prospective and Research in Communication, Culture and Cooperation (LAPREC), and as part of the activities programmed during the predoctoral research of the "Method of Social Interaction in Communication (MisCom): solidarity development in the Moroccan community in Barcelona ", Carried out by the doctoral student Miguel Gámez.
The discussion will be open to the public.

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