About us

This research group started in 2000 and it has been using the acronym MIET since 2001. The group has its antecedents in previous projects led by J. Carreras and M. Julivert. The MIET group tries to combine the training of young researchers with the collaboration with recognized speciallists, including some, but not all of them, as formal members of the group: P. Bons, I. Alsop and D. Czeck. In addition to foreign MIET members, the group has stable collaborations with:

LMTG laboratory in Toulouse (Philippe Olivier and Gerard Gleizes): AMS study of La Jonquera batholith

Gruppo di Geologia Strutturale, Univ. Pisa (Rodolfo Carosi and Chiara Montomoli)

Université de Casablanca (Abdelmajid Rahimi)

University of Minnesota (Peter Hudleston)

All these collaborations concern Project-related topics.

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