Current projects

Deformation localization in heterogeneous/anisotropic rocks and interactions with fluids and magmas

The MIET research group aims through this project to deepen in the genesis of deformation structures developed in heterogeneous/anisotropic rocks of transpressive crustal domains. This project supposes the continuation of the research line that the group has been carrying out uninterruptedly since 2002. This research is based on the balanced combination of highly detailed field analysis and interpretation of real structures with analogue and numerical modelling of similar structures. The research strategy is also based on restraining the studies to a selection of specific problems using reference areas of well-known geologic context (case studies).

Three main subjects are currently explored. The three themes share an additional and very important aspect that is the brittle-ductile transitions and pulses that take place during deformation and their effects in the finite structures.

(1) Systems of anastomosing shear zones: kinematic and dynamic approaches.

(2) Rheological, mechanical and kinematic controls on the emplacement and deformation of syntectonic vein and dyke swarms in compressive-transpressive regimes.

(3) Effect of lithological heterogeneities and mechanical anisotropies on strain partitioning and localization.


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