Polarimetric Applications

The implemented polarimeters are being used for different applications, from the characterization of the optical properties of materials (e.g. the refraction index) to the contrast enhancement of images (e.g. biological tissues images). The contrast enhancement of images are based on different decompositions of the Mueller matrix information. We study which decomposition give more acurate physical information.

Refraction Index Measurement

We are studying the use of polarimeters with HNAM objectives to characterize the refraction index of materials with curved surfaces. So we are not limited to planar surfaces, but they may have different shape. The material could present anisotropies as well.

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Tissue Studies

The developed polarimeters are being applied to applications in biophotonics. Polarized images allow us to easy determine different biological tissues in a sample.


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Polarimetric parameters

The Mueller matrix is a 4 by 4 matrix in which different physical properties are mixed. In order to extract the relevant physical information, several decompositions can be applied. We study the result of this decompositions and the implementation of new or non-used decompositions.


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