We have proposed different numerical methods to obtain the profile of a surface from the data obtained with an optical deflectometer or a wave front sensor. Different types of deflectometer geometries have been studied: Cartesian coordinate scans, polar or spherical coordinate scans. These methods are being implemented in commercial set-ups by Trioptics GmbH Company in Germany.

In collaboration with the ALBA synchrotron that has been built in Barcelona at the Campus of Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona we are developing new methods to measure the shape of X-ray mirrors with ultra precision. These methods are based in scanning deflectometry or in interferometry. The use of different measurements provides redundant data that can be used to obtain nanometer accuracy. We want to arrive to sub-nanometer. These methods can also be used to measure the mirrors of a faceted telescope. We also want to explore deflectometry methods based on the imaging of sinusoidal images through reflecting surfaces in order to speed up the measurement time.

Point Diffraction Interferometer with Liquid Crystals

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