Dra. Xus Ugarte


Xus Ugarte Ballester holds a PhD in Translation and Interpreting. She is a senior lecturer at the Translation, Interpreting and Applied Languages Department at the University of Vic- Central University of Catalonia. She teaches online Catalan and Spanish into English interpreting (Translation, Interpreting and Applied Languages degree, Online Master´s Degree in Specialised Translation) and translation from French.

Her research subjects are: public service interpreting, teaching of interpreting, paroemiology from the translatological perspective, history of translation in Catalonia and censure and translation. She is a member of the following research groups: TEXLICO (Contemporary Literary Texts) from UVic-UCC and MIRAS (Mediation, Interpreting and Research in the Social Field) from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.


- Ugarte, X; Perramon, M. (2020) “Teaching Interpreting Online for the Translation and Interpreting -Degree at the University of Vic: A Nonstop Challenge Since 2001” in Rodríguez, P; Flores, E (eds) Teaching and practising interpreting: From traditional to new remote approaches [Translation and Translanguaging in Multilingual Contexts 6:2], p. 172–182.

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