Gonzalo Murillo

Post-doc researcher (Former member. Now at IMB-CNM-CSIC)
Gonzalo Murillo received the Electronic Engineering Degree from the Universidad de Granada (Spain) in 2007. He was awarded a research fellowship to carry out his PhD at the Electronic Engineering Department of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) the same year. He will defend his thesis in July 2011. His research interest is focused on the design of vibrational energy harvesters with electrostatic and piezoelectric transductions and their integration using standard CMOS and specific MEMS technologies. During his PhD, he has enjoyed more than one year of stays abroad working on nanogenerators based on ZnO nanowires with Dr. ZL Wang at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, GA, USA), on developing a CMOS compatible technological process to encapsulate MEMS-NEMS resonators in vacuum with SU-8 transparent lids at Nanotech-DTU with Dr. Zachary Davis, and designing power management circuitry for the electrostatic vibracional energy harvesters with Dr. G.Despesse at CEA-Leti in Grenoble.
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