The Transatlantic Identity Negotiations Project: Spain-France-Mexico (1843-1863) (NIT 1843-1863) deals with the elaboration, divulgence and use of reciprocal national images Spain-Mexico between 1843 and 1863, from the beginning of the diplomatic Alliance between France and Spain until the occupation of Mexico City by the troops of the French Empire. The relations among these three nations during those years were not only political and diplomatic, but also and mainly cultural and economic, and they from a complex web of affinities, reticences and disagreements.  

From its very inception, NIT is an interdisciplinary project encompassing literary history (both Spanish and Latin American), history (political, diplomatic, economic, social, and of ideas), and cultural studies, in which research from each discipline is enriched and completed with other methodologies thanks to an international team of 19th-century specialists.

In the end, NIT uses and seeks to promote a transnational perspective that reinforces all kinds of ties between countries and people, instead of presenting an array of national cases with no mutual connection whatsoever. Exile and migrations, cultural transfers, circulation of people and ideas across borders and spaces, all these constitute NIT’s preferred focus of study.  

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