August 2018. Amparo Hurtado Albir (PACTE group). doctorate honoris causa by Ricardo Palma University in Lima (Peru) as an acknowledgement of her teaching and research career in the field of Translation Studies. 











July 2012. PhD Thesis Awards.
Academic year 2007/08. PhD in Translation Theory. Patricia Rodríguez receives PhD with Distinction.
Academic year 2008/09. PhD in Translation and Intercultural Studies. Anabel Galán receives PhD with Distinction.
Academic year 2009/10. PhD in Translation Theory. Guadalupe Romero receives PhD with Distinction.

03/10/2011. Willy Neunzig (PACTE group). Prix de l’ACT Vinay et Darbelnet 2010 de l'Association canadienne de traductologie (ACT) with the article Empirical Studies in Translation. Methodological and Epistemological Questions. Evaluation Committee statement: "the article’s relevance to the conference topic and its presentation of the bases of empirical research. Due to the article’s wide-ranging nature, it can be applied to any field of Translation Studies (literary translation, pragmatic translation, terminology, pedagogy, etc.)".

10/09/2010. PACTEAward for Research Excellence (PREI 2010) by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona ((Humanities area) for the article Results of the validation of the Pacte translation competence model: acceptability and decision making. Evaluation Committee statement: “This study has been presented by a consolidated research group and it proposes an empirically demonstrated theoretical model on translation competence which confirms the existence of translation-specific knowledge and expertise”.

2008. Patricia Rodríguez-Inés (grupo PACTE). Premio AIETI 2006-2008 with the PhD thesis Aplicación de la metodología y técnicas de corpus a la didáctica de la traducción.

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