Conference dinner

The Conference dinner will be held on Friday 22 June 2018 in Restaurant Can Culleretes. Price: €31.

If you would like to attend the Conference dinner, the €31 fee must be paid together with the Conference fee.


Carrer d'en Quintana, 5
08002, Barcelona



To share:

 - Iberian cured ham

 - Garlic prawn casserole

 - Cod croquettes

 - Squid rings in batter

 - Lettuce hearts with tuna fish and anchovies


Second course of your choice:

 - Shank of veal with wild mushrooms

 - Botifarra with haricot beans (large Catalan pork sausage)

 - Entrecôte with garnish

 - Baked cod

 - Grilled fish and shellfish platter

 - Jugged wild boar

 - Fried fish and shellfish platter

 - Grilled prawns


Dessert of your choice:

 - Chocolate cake

 - Lemon cake

 - Whisky cake


Menu includes bread, water, wine and coffee

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