Establishing Levels in the Acquisition of Translation Competence

The aim of our research on levels in translation competence acquisition, which we began in 2015, is to establish levels of performance in translation. The description produced is intended to be a first step in the development of a common European framework of reference for translator training and professional translation, comparable to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

With that in mind, our objectives are as follows:

1. To describe the specific competences involved in the acquisition of translation competence.

2. To describe levels of performance in translation.

This research entails a transfer of knowledge to society and builds on the results of PACTE’s two previous experimental research projects on translation competence and translation competence acquisition.

The research involves both qualitative and quantitative methods. The proposal regarding establishing levels is based on the qualitative and quantitative data collected in PACTE's previous research on translation competence and its acquisition, a comparison of curriculums and associated documentation from different European translator training centres, and an expert judgement process undertken by specialists from the professional and academic translation arenas.

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