Conferencia plenaria

Teaching of Translation Technology: Curriculum, Methods and Teacher Education

Defeng Li
Director of Centre for Study of Translation-Interpreting and Cognition
University of Macau

Translation technology has been on the rise amid the recent enthusiasm about big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Many translation training programmes have been offering one or more courses on translation technology to their students and many more programmes are under pressure to offer this module or course in their training programmes. Translation Technology, as a field of research, has also been attracting attention. Amongst others, the journal Hermes recently featured a special issue Translation Technology Research in Translation Studies. However, research on translation technology in the classroom remains scanty and many questions are yet to be explored and possibly answered. For instance, what should be taught in a course or module of translation technology and in what stage of training should this course be offered, how effective has the training been, how translation technology teachers been trained before and after taking up the teaching of the course. This talk discusses these issues, drawing from a recent survey of 244 translation technology teachers, conducted in the Chinese translation training context. The findings and implications should have applications in much wider contexts.


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