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A. Benseny, Fernández-Vidal, S., Bagudà, J., Corbalán, R., Picón, A., Roso, L., Birkl, G., and Mompart, J., Atomtronics with holes: Coherent transport of an empty site in a triple-well potential, Phys. Rev. A, vol. 82, p. 013604, 2010.
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Y. V. Loiko, Ahufinger, V., Menchon-Enrich, R., Birkl, G., and Mompart, J., Coherent injecting, extracting, and velocity filtering of neutral atoms in a ring trap via spatial adiabatic passage, European Physical Journal D, vol. 69, 2014.
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L. Amico, Boshier, M., Birkl, G., Minguzzi, A., Miniatura, C., Kwek, L. - C., Aghamalyan, D., Ahufinger, V., Anderson, D., Andrei, N., Arnold, A. S., Baker, M., Bell, T. A., Bland, T., Brantut, J. P., Cassettari, D., Chetcuti, W. J., Chevy, F., Citro, R., De Palo, S., Dumke, R., Edwards, M., Folman, R., Fortagh, J., Gardiner, S. A., Garraway, B. M., Gauthier, G., Günther, A., Haug, T., Hufnagel, C., Keil, M., Ireland, P., Lebrat, M., Li, W., Longchambon, L., Mompart, J., Morsch, O., Naldesi, P., Neely, T. W., Olshanii, M., Orignac, E., Pandey, S., Pérez-Obiol, A., Perrin, H., Piroli, L., Polo, J., Pritchard, A. L., Proukakis, N. P., Rylands, C., Rubinsztein-Dunlop, H., Scazza, F., Stringari, S., Tosto, F., Trombettoni, A., Victorin, N., von Klitzing, W., Wilkowski, D., Xhani, K., and Yakimenko, A., Roadmap on Atomtronics: State of the art and perspective, AVS Quantum Science, vol. 3, p. 039201, 2021.
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K. Eckert, Lewenstein, M., Corbalán, R., Birkl, G., Ertmer, W., and Mompart, J., Three-level atom optics via the tunneling interaction, Phys. Rev. A, vol. 70, p. 023606, 2004.
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