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A. Benseny, Fernández-Vidal, S., Bagudà, J., Corbalán, R., Picón, A., Roso, L., Birkl, G., and Mompart, J., Atomtronics with holes: Coherent transport of an empty site in a triple-well potential, Phys. Rev. A, vol. 82, p. 013604, 2010.
A. Picón, Roso, L., Mompart, J., Varela, O., Ahufinger, V., Corbalán, R., and Plaja, L., Dipole spectrum structure of nonresonant nonpertubative driven two-level atoms, Phys. Rev. A, vol. 81, p. 033420, 2010.
E. Pisanty, Machado, G. J., Vicuña-Hernández, V., Picón, A., Celi, A., Torres, J. P., and Lewenstein, M., Knotting fractional-order knots with the polarization state of light, Nature Photonics , vol. 13, 2019.
A. Picón, Benseny, A., Mompart, J., and Calvo, G. F., Spin and orbital angular momentum propagation in anisotropic media: theory, Journal of Optics, vol. 13, p. 064019, 2011.
A. Picón, Mompart, J., and Southworth, S. H., Stimulated Raman adiabatic passage with two-color x-ray pulses, New Journal of Physics, vol. 17, p. 083038, 2015.
A. Picón, Benseny, A., Mompart, J., de Aldana, V. J. R., Plaja, L., Calvo, G. F., and Roso, L., Transferring orbital and spin angular momenta of light to atoms, New Journal of Physics, vol. 12, p. 083053, 2010.
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