Lasing without inversion: realities and prospects

TitleLasing without inversion: realities and prospects
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsMompart, J, Corbalán, R

We review amplification and lasing without inversion (AWI and LWI) in homogeneously broadened closed three-level systems in the framework of both density-matrix and quantum- jump formalisms. With the density-matrix formalism: (1) we study the nature of quantum interference in these systems; (2) determine analytically the conditions for AWI and locate the position of maxima and minima in the probe absorption spectrum; and (3) study various regimes of lasing, namely, continuous wave, self-pulsing and giant pulse lasing. Within the quantum-jump formalism we calculate the relative probabilities of the various physical processes responsible for probe field amplification and absorption.

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