Giacomo Roati seminar

On April 4th (Thursday) at 15:00, Prof. Giacomo Roati (CNR-INO and LENS, University of Florence, Italy) will give the seminar "Out-of-equilibrium dynamics of atomic Fermi gases quenched to strong repulsions"

Alessio Celi seminar

 On March 25th at 14:00 (C3B/004, Science Faculty, UAB) Alessio Celi will give an internal talk entitled "Topology of narrow Hofstader strips".

Ramón Corbalán

Ramón Corbalán passed away

QAOS at YoMo

Next week (26th February-2nd March), our group will participate in an interactive workshop: "From Quantum Physics to Quantum Technologies" in the The Youth Mobile Festival (YoMo) organized under the COST AtomQT (Quantum Technologies with Ultracold Atoms), in which teenagers will explore different phenomena related to quantum mechanics and which form the basis of quantum technologies. We have everything prepared! Let's enjoy it!

Gerard Queraltó seminar

On 18th of February, Gerard Queraltó gave a talk for the rest of the group on the progress of the current collaboration with the group of Prof. Szameit at the University of Rostock, entitled Supersymmetric transformations of photonic topological systems. Well done, Gerard!

Hamid Hamedi seminar

On 7th of February, Hamid Hamedi from the Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy at Vilnius University (Lithuania) gave a talk on Detection of the structured light by measuring the absorption profile. We could discuss with him about Electomagnetically induced transparency using beams carrying orbital angular momentum.


Gerard Pelegrí visits the University of Aveiro

For two weeks (04/02/2019-15/02/2019), Gerard Pelegrí is visiting the group of Prof. Ricardo Dias at the University of Aveiro. We wish him a very successful stay!


Half-day meeting on cold atoms in the Barcelona region 2019

We have organized at the UAB the “Half-day meeting on cold atoms in the Barcelona region 2019”, the annual meeting to share the latest results of the quantum gases groups at UB, UPC, ICFO and UAB. We have enjoyed it a lot!

Visiting researcher: Dr. Hamid Hamedi (Vilnius University)

During three weeks (04/02 - 22/02) Hamid Hamedi from the Vilnius University will be visiting the QAOS group within the framework of the COST action "Quantum Technologies with Ultra-Cold Atoms". He will give a seminar about "detection of structured light" on thursday 07/02 at 12:00 (room C3B/013). We are excited to listen him and work together during these weeks.

Welcome home Josep Cabedo!

After a stay of three months in the group of Prof. Yongping Zhang from Shanghai University working on the spin-orbit coupling of ultracold atoms, Josep is with us again. Welcome home for Christmas! 


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