Welcome home Gerard Queraltó!

After a three-month stay in the group of Prof. Dr. Alexander Szameit from the Universität Rostock working on topological+SUSY photonics, Gerard is again with us. Willkommen zu Hause zu Weihnachten! 

Welcome Alessio to QAOS!

In January 2019, Dr. Alessio Celi joins our group through a postdoctoral contract of the UAB Talent program. Welcome to QAOS! 

Christina Jorg (Technische Universität Katserslautern) visit

Christina Jorg from the Technische Universität Katserslautern is visiting us for 4 days to start a join project on the propagation of Laguerre-Gauss beams in coupled optical waveguides. 

Anselmo Marques (Universidade de Aveiro) visit

Dr. Anselmo Marques from the Universidade de Aveiro is visiting us for 3 days to work on our common projects related to topology with ultracold atoms in periodic optical potentials.   

Dr. Carlos Hernández-García is visiting us this week

During 11/04- 14/04 we are please to have Dr. Carlos Hernández García from the Extrem Optics Group from the Universidad de Salamanca as visiting scientist in our group. We will work hard together! 

QAOSçotada 2016

On 18th March we are having our traditional calçotada! Let's see who can eat more calçots! 

New paper appeared in Phys. Rev. A on "Geometrically induced complex tunnelings for ultracold atoms carrying orbital angular momentum"

Joan, Jordi and Verònica have recently shown that by arranging optical traps geometrically in space and inducing orbital angular momentum in the atoms' wavefunction, complex tunnelings between traps can be obatined. More details in Phys. Rev. A 93, 033613 (2016). 

Joan is back from his stay at the group of Anna Minguzzi and Frank Hekking at Grenoble

Joan is back from his stay of three months at the group of Anna Minguzzi and Frank Hekking at the Laboratoire de Physique et Modélisation des Milieux Condensés in Grenoble

Gerard starts oficially his PhD in our group

Gerard starts oficially his PhD in our group. Welcome!

Àlex PhD Thesis defense

Àlex defended his PhD Thesis Conical Refraction: Fundamentals and Applications with an outstanding qualification ”Excel.lent. Cum Laude” Congratulations, Àlex!


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