Three level atom optics in dipole traps and waveguides

TitleThree level atom optics in dipole traps and waveguides
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsEckert, K, Mompart, J, Corbalán, R, Lewenstein, M, Birkl, G
JournalOptics Communications
Pagination264 - 270

An analogy is explored between a setup of three atomic traps coupled via tunneling and an internal atomic three-level system interacting with two laser fields. Within this scenario we describe a \{STIRAP\} like process which allows to move an atom between the ground states of two trapping potentials and analyze its robustness. This analogy is extended to other robust and coherent transport schemes and to systems of more than a single atom. Finally it is applied to manipulate external degrees of freedom of atomic wave packets propagating in waveguides.

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